The Family Toolbox (January 2019)

5 Ways Athletes Have a Unique Gospel Platform

In this article David Qaoud provides 5 unique opportunities that athletes have when it comes to sharing the gospel.  He writes, “You can’t fake it on a team. Your true self comes out. If you claim Christ but you’re a hypocrite, you’ll put a bad taste in others’ mouths. If you claim Christ and your actions and words align, however, you may not have to summon the courage to initiate every gospel conversation; people will likely come to you.”

5 Ways to Help Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Here are 5 tips that I have found helpful in fighting to keep your marriage pure and affair-proof.  “It is a scary thing to see what seems to be a good and godly marriage come to an end because of an unfaithful spouse.  Most of these affairs do not happen overnight.  Most who have an affair do not just end up in the bed with a total stranger and wake up the next morning and wonder how they got there.  It started out as “innocent” conversations, but then it progressed from there.”

Has Your Child Been Looking at Bad Stuff Online?

Tim Challies gives great pastoral advice in his latest VLOG on how to navigate the uncomfortable conversations with your children if you have found out that they have been looking at inappropriate images of sites on the internet.  He provides some very good wisdom and counsel for concerned parents.

How Can We Prioritize Our Marriage over Work and Kids?

In this episode of “Ask Pastor John” John Piper answers the question, “How do we keep our marriage a priority when life is so busy with kids, work, and the other duties of life?”  Pastor John offers some practical and biblical advice on the subject.

I Have an Hour a Day to Read — How Much Should Be Bible?

In this episode of “Ask Pastor John” John Pipers provides some tips on how to read scripture and solid theological books for those that don’t have much time in the day.  His answer might surprise you . . . but I feel certain that it will encourage you to read more to the glory of God.

Our Daughter’s Nightly Struggle (Not just for parents with daughters)

If your child has a smart phone, you may have noticed that it seems more like an extra appendage than just simply a tool to call and keep in touch with other people.  To separate a teen from their phone is akin to separating a mama bear from her cubs.  In this short article, you will find what one parent did to separate their daughter from her digital Pharaoh.  Their decision had a wonderful effect on their daughter, and it may be something that you want to consider doing for your family as well.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Adam B. Burrell


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