The Family Toolbox (February 2019)

Can social media good outweigh the bad?

A recent study from Pew Research found that over two-thirds of teenagers ages 13-17 feel like they experience positive benefits from using social media, while less than half say they experience negative effects. Facts & Trends speaks about how parents and church leaders can use these statistics to help teens navigate the complicated and ever-prominent world of social media.

Few churched teenagers become devout young adults.

In a recent survey we find that most young adults who attended church as a teenager say they believe in God today, but fewer consider themselves devout Christians. And as a whole, they have conflicting recollections about the churches they attended in high school. LifeWay Research surveyed more than 2,000 American adults between the ages of 23 and 30 who attended a Protestant church twice a month or more for at least a year as a teenager.  Here are the results.

How can we glorify God with our time?

In this video, Tim Challies talks about redeeming our time in a busy world that vies for our time every second of the day.  This is some helpful information if you would like to know how to use your time better for the sake of the Kingdom.

The most significant lessons we’ve learned as parents.

In this video interview Michael and Melissa Kruger reflect on parenting as their oldest daughter is preparing to leave home for college in the fall. That kind of milestone makes parents stop and reflect on what they’ve learned in 18 years of parenting.  Listen as they give some good advice on parenting that may provide helpful for you.

The sufficiency of Scripture for manhood and womanhood.

In this sermon Dr. Voddie Baucham explains how today, Christians and churches have drifted away from Scripture and are affected by modern culture’s redefinition of manhood of womanhood. He goes on to make the case for why we must return to Scripture as being all-sufficient for every aspect of life, including the determination of manhood and womanhood.

Training your children in family worship.

This discipline of family worship is something that is very dear to me.  In this short video Dr. Joel Beeke gives some practical advice on how to train your children to participate in family worship.  He says, “Training your children for family worship – to do family worship when they have their own family – is an important aspect of daily family devotions. This is best accomplished by the older children seeing the parents teaching the younger children and occasionally delegating leading family worship to them when appropriate.”

When a child disobeys: six steps for healthy correction.

Correcting children can be a matter of babies and bathwater. How do we preserve the phenomenal God-given potential these children possess, without condoning the defiance that boils over from the cauldron of their sinful little hearts? How do we love the baby well and hate the dirty bathwater?  Here, Sam Crabtree explains.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Adam B. Burrell