Divorce and Remarriage: A Biblical Response.

In recent months I have seen what the horrors of a divorce look like.  I have seen friends, family, and church members walk through something that the Lord says He HATES.  Since seeing the aftermath that comes from it, I now see not just the theological reason for God’s hatred of it, but the practical reason as well.  Divorce is permitted by God for a few different reasons, but just because it is permitted does not always mean it is best.

As a pastor (currently a student pastor), I feel like we need to be sure to always point others to what scripture has to say instead of what our heart may say about a matter (see Jeremiah 17:9).  Below I have attached a short essay on the issue of divorce and remarriage.   I do not take lightly the fact that in this paper I stand on opposite grounds on some matters as some of my most respected theological giants.  Nevertheless, I am convinced that this is the most biblical approach to the issue of divorce and remarriage that I can see.  There are those who will disagree (while others will agree) with my stated position, but my desire is to bring into light what God has said about this issue and to offer hope for those who have divorced (weather you were the offending or offended party).  Why is there hope, you may ask.  There is hope because Jesus is our defender, but also our forgiver.   Protection can be found in Him.  Forgiveness, as well, can be found in Him.

Here (Divorce Essay) is a short exposition on the issue of divorce and remarriage that I hope you will find helpful in trying to maneuver your way through such a sticky topic that has so many implications.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Adam B. Burrell